$21 Billion in DOD Contracts for Afghanistan Reconstruction

$21 Billion in DOD Contracts for Afghanistan Reconstruction

Today, SIGAR released a report looking at DOD’s contracts for Afghanistan reconstruction funding. The report notes:

–DOD contracts for Afghanistan reconstruction comprised $21 billion (out of $66 billion appropriated to DOD) through the award of 18,962 contracts to 2,542 vendors.

–DOD stated that there are gaps in some of the contract data it provided to SIGAR. Most of the missing contract data is due to the fact that prior to mid-FY 2010, DOD did not report the Treasury account symbol for funding authorization used to fund specific contracts in the Federal Procurement Data System.

–The Afghan Security Forces Fund (ASFF) accounted for $17.3 billion in contracts. The ASFF contract data provided by DOD to SIGAR did not include any of the contracts executed as Foreign Military Sales (FMS), which comprised a significant portion of the over $57 billion in disbursed ASFF funds, because DOD stated it would be extremely labor intensive to compile information on all of the contracts awarded as FMS with ASFF funding.

–The Commander’s Emergency Response Program (CERP) accounted for $795 million in contracts. DOD has had a problem tracking which contracts are funded under CERP. CERP projects under $500,000 do not have to involve a contract officer and therefore many CERP projects would not be entered into DOD or U.S. government procurement database systems. DOD stated that it could identify contracting data for only about 57% of all Afghanistan CERP obligations.

–The Drug Interdiction and Counter-Drug Activities Fund (DOD CN) accounted for $1.8 billion in contracts. The top recipient of DOD CN contracts was Academi Training Center (which includes contracts for Blackwater), with about $569 million.

–The Task Force for Business and Stabilization Operations (TFBSO) accounted for $696 million in contracts. The top ten recipients of TFSBO funding received $389 million, nearly 60 percent of total TFBSO funding. The top recipient was IBM with $65 million.

–Thirty-eight vendors received total contracts of more than $100 million in DOD reconstruction funding.

–The Asia Global Shipping Group of Companies was the top overall recipient of reported contracts for DOD Afghanistan reconstruction funding, with $1.8 billion.

Report: http://www.sigar.mil/pdf/special%20projects/SIGAR-15-40-SP.pdf

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