About David

About David

David has over 20 years experience analyzing U.S. defense, foreign policy, national and international security issues. He has written for print (both for general public and specialist readers), television and radio, and run Internet websites and mailing lists. He has testified before Congress and lectured to the military. Areas of expertise include U.S. military force structure, defense budgeting, WMD proliferation, terrorism, homeland security, counterdrug, peace operations, intelligence policy, international arms trade, small arms proliferation, operations other than war, information warfare, private military companies, biological weapons, and general arms control issues.

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  1. rudisillc says:

    David, Liked the book, acouple of slight corrections- but make no doubt that the KBS,Hailabertons, SAICs,CAIC,BAE…etc.etc.etc. are the big beneficiaries- Read my blog on Passaro

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