And Now for a Break

Please note the following two points.

1) As I have been blogging through 2013 without taking a vacation I’m taking a short break. Posts will resume in about a week.

2) I have published nearly 3000 posts since moving the blog to this site in March 2012.  That is a LOT of work (it is just me doing everything) and, I think, a lot of value; especially considering that you get it for free. I know, from looking at the logs that people all across the country; hell, all across the world, are reading this blog. And yes, to name just a few, I’m talking about you:

Elyria, OH, Ashburn, VA, Putian, China, Suzhou, China, Providence, UT, Naperville, IL, Chicago, IL, Denver, CO, Scranton, PA, Paris, France, Montreal, Canada, San Antonio, TX, Auburn, ME, Potomac, MD, Montgomery, AL, Wichita, KS, San Jose, CA, Kingston, Jamaica, Buffalo, NY, South Plainfield, NJ,Oslo, Norway, Saarbrücken, Germany, Los Angeles, CA, Durham, NC, Singapore Santa Monica, CA (as in Hewlett-Packard employee), OVH Systems, France…

I don’t want to pester people but some financial support from you is suggested and encouraged.  Especially now, as my job just ended and I’m looking for my next job.

Yes, I know, times ARE tough. But really, if you can buy a latte at Starbucks then you can make a donation. Just click on the PayPal link and send something.

Thank you.


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