Clients, contractors, and the everyday masculinities in global private security

Critical Military Studies

Volume 3, 2017 – Issue 2: Masculinities at the Margins

Pages 120-141 | Received 21 May 2016, Accepted 07 Dec 2016, Published online: 05 Jan 2017

This article explores the intimate relationships between the client and the security contractor. It draws upon autoethnography to bring into focus the client/contractor encounters and demonstrate how such encounters (re)shape the marginal and hegemonic men/masculinities of the security industry – masculinities which work to legitimize not only who and what are appropriate security providers but also how value/valuation of security is understood and practised. As such it contributes to the broader debates about gender and war by (1) demonstrating how the researcher is always embedded in and shaped by the research she produces; and (2) by bringing to the fore the multitude of masculinities, beyond the hegemonic militarized, that emerge in private security markets.

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