G4S Boycott Spreads from Europe to America

TEHRAN (FNA)- The University of Helsinki in Finland has canceled the security contract with private firm G4S over its role in Israel’s prison system, a report said.

Palestinian organizations had launched a boycott and divestment campaign against the G4S firm in 2012 because the British companyprovides security equipment and services to Israeli prisons where thousands of Palestinians are detained, World Bulletin reported.

Israel is notorious for keeping Palestinians in prison, indetention without trial and using systematic torture, including of children.

University of Helsinki decision, comes after a campaign that was backed by unions representing its academics and students.

In April 2014, a petition urging it to drop G4Swas handed to the university’s administration.

Not long after, the university director’s Jukka Kola tweeted that the contract with G4S would be examined.

Finnish company called Turvatiimi will be providing security services at the university.

We welcome this decision by the university. We’re delighted that so many parts of the University of Helsinki community joined us in opposing the role of G4S in Israel’s human rights abuses,” said Teivo Teivainen, one of the academics involved in launching the campaign.

Durham County inNorth Carolinaalsorecentlyvotedto dropG4S. In Durham County, G4S provided security services at libraries and police, and civicbuildings. The contract was worth $1million dollars. A year long campaign saw the vote being cancelled in November 2014 with the board of commissioners last week choosing a local company, that has agreed to pay its workers a living wage and consider rehiring the G4S workers,” Brooks

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