Isenberg Institute of Strategic Satire

Welcome to IISS.

For those of you who have seen the acronym this is not the group in London. This is the Isenberg Institute of  Strategic Satire. I have a longstanding interest in so-called issues of military, security and foreign policy issues; what, once, back in a more honest era, was known as the 3 Ds (Death, Doom, and Destruction).

Like most of you I think the current state of global carnage is bad. Bad for little kids, bad for business, bad for environment et cetera. But what to do about it? We’ve tried all the usual things, appeals to morality, ethics, basic human decency and none of that seems to work.

So I’m trying something different. My motto: Let’s stop war by making fun of it. The nice thing about doing this is that, as they say at the Pentagon, it’s a target rich environment.

This site also provides information on some other longstanding interests of mine; the private military and security contracting industry and the international weapons trade. Those of you you who used to read my former PMSCO blog on the former will find it continued here.

Enjoy and, if so inclined, feel free to contact me.


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