Mercenaries from Belarus who participate in the Ukrainian conflict can receive up to 7 years in prison

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Mercenaries from Belarus who participate in the Ukrainian conflict can receive up to 7 years in prison.

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At the Minsk railway station arrested a mercenary from Novopolotsk, who fought in the Ukraine in the ranks of the “Right Sector”. Despite numerous warnings and cautions that some of our citizens are still decided – adventurous and mercenary – smell the gunpowder in a foreign land. Those who will not lay down his head in a strange land, in return may become involved in the case.


This phenomenon is quite ancient and historic in itself. Another BC Greeks from the same city-states fought in the army of Darius III, and in the army to fight him Alexander the Great. But the spread of mercenary previously dictated the specifics of time. Having a permanent professional army, which was required to maintain in peacetime, could afford only the most wealthy monarchs. After the advent of conscript armies of mercenaries in the XIX century in Europe has almost disappeared. A small burst of its observed half a century ago in the era of decolonization in Africa. Now this phenomenon is the second wind. Many visitors were at the beginning of Ukrainian opposition. A lot of them today in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Those who have not played enough in his childhood in the war games, making their way to the frontline different paths. The motives of these soldiers of fortune – from the banal desire to earn up to an ideological struggle for the right, in their view, the case. The Interior Ministry and the KGB of the country have repeatedly warned that according to our Criminal Code of recruitment, training and financing of mercenaries is punishable by 7-15 years in prison. The very same on their own mercenary fraught 7 years behind bars. And rightly stiffness after returning fighters represent a great danger. Native of Novopolotsk detainees seized a mask with slits for eyes, two passports, an improvised explosive device on the basis of a fragmentation grenade, a pistol. Understandably, not as souvenirs luck here, these artifacts. International experience also shows: from to gain experience of real combat operations “otmorov” You can just wait. In 2013, returning from the war in Syria Belgian mercenaries who fought on the side of the Islamists, began to threaten the mayor of Antwerp and a number of mayors. The militants insisted that they and their families, the local authorities have resumed the payment of social benefits, including unemployment. A year later, the alarm sounded in the UK: the authorities have found that receiving the baptism of fire and associated extremist underground British citizens are willing to commit acts of terrorism. A year later, in 2015, the monstrous massacre in Paris, recalled and in the Belgian capital, confirmed their fears. A few days ago the Belgian authorities announced an international search for 160 people suspected of having links with terrorists. The Minister of Justice Cohen Gens announced that Belgium is about 130 fighters, past the war in Syria …

And what about our “combative” citizens? Referring directly to the Ukrainian media. Those identified two waves of Belarusian volunteers who went to fight in the ranks of Ukrainian nationalist groups. At the beginning of hostilities in the Donbass our citizens as a whole was about fifty. The figure, of course, small, but it makes you wonder about many things. Basically weapons picked up by those who participated in the events and went to Kiev and then to the “eastern front” with the Ukrainian activists Self Maidan. Most fall into the battalions of “Azov” and “Donbass”. The second wave came at the Donbass after the conclusion of the first agreements Minsk last fall. These “volunteers” were mainly in the ranks of the “Right Sector”, because at that time, “Azov” and “Donbass” has become the official structure of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, which could serve only to citizens of Ukraine.

And here it is slightly opened another tremendous harm to the individual mercenaries as such. It consists in the fact that this phenomenon undermines peacekeeping efforts, does not contribute to the cessation of armed conflict and provokes its continuation. Mercenaries in peace, even temporarily, is simply not interested. One of them was published in this year’s interview confirmed this idea, talking about earnings in the area of ​​Ukrainian ATO: “While in the educational unit – $ 1,300 per month. How to cross the border – about 2,000 a month. Or $ 1,000 a week, if you participate in the clashes. Therefore there love to shoot, even if there is no need. “

But there do not like to say in advance that the promised amount and often the remaining amount promised. And it’s not that mercenary risks to go into another world before will receive a reward. Dozens of anonymous interview former soldier of fortune somehow affect the subject of financial fraud. A fair amount of money, or misses the troops at all, or is deposited in the pockets of the commanders. And ordinary mercenaries have to be converted into ordinary looters.

Mercenaries from our country – not a mass phenomenon. There have been rather isolated cases, “unrepresentative examples”, as they write in the official documents. Yet to ignore the problem or treat it lightly would be wrong. This summer, the KGB of the country in cooperation with the Interior Ministry and the State Border Committee revealed a channel recruitment of mercenaries to take part in the hostilities in the south-east of Ukraine. As it turned out, the recruitment was initiated registered outside the country’s notorious radical youth organization “Young Front”. And it was carried through social networks in a number of online publications. The thoroughness of this rapid development was not coincidental: the responsibility for crimes committed by hired fighters in any way and can not be removed from those of the mercenaries recruited.

Methods such recruitment is useful to know everyone. Mercenary south-east of Ukraine trying to recruit a few network resources, as well as personal pages by appealing to reciprocity, personal ambitions of vanity. Mercenaries for terrorist “Islamic state” in the post-Soviet space have recently started to recruit through tourist sites. Not so long ago in Russia it was found about 900 suspicious resource through which terrorists have not only promoted the “happy life” IG “, but also raised funds for their illegal activities.

According to US intelligence, sounding in open sources, the total number of agitators “IG” around the world is about 90 thousand people. Agitation is carried out in 24 languages, and Russian language ranks third after Arabic and English

There is a certain effect, although the figures are somewhat different. According to the American non-governmental organization in the field of security Soufan group, the total number of combatants for terrorist “Islamic state” foreigners – about 20 thousand people. Among them, 5,000 people from Tunisia, 2,3 thousand – from Saudi Arabia, 2000 – Jordan, 1,7 thousand – from Russia. Overall, the composition of the group “IG” war come from more than one hundred countries around the world, with their proportion among the militants more than 40 percent.

Experts point out three areas to counter this kind of work. Firstly, it should publicly demonstrate that intelligence agencies control the situation, and recruiters identify and severely punished.

Secondly, the important educational moment: special courses. Third, particular care should be built to work with migrants. They often act better “nutrient broth” mercenary. Well, of course, important information component. After all, it forewarned – is forearmed.

The competent

Alexei Grishin, President of information-analytical center “Religion and Society”:

– Advocates, who are engaged in full-time recruitment, are concentrated mainly in large cities, where many young people and migrants. The majority of recruiters has a network of spotters – people who do not recruit, but collect a kind of dossier on the right people. They operate within the university teams. Anyone who has something to hurt someone who is an outcast in the group, going through some grief or attempted suicide, fall within the scope of their attention. Summaries of people gunners packs transmit recruiters. Fortunately we are currently in the upload to social networks complete information. Recruiter also works are no longer in high school and not in the team of his victim. His task – to pull the victim out of her familiar surroundings. It is particularly important for recruiters to break the relationship of the victim and her family. The victim explained what neprodvinutye bad and the people around her, how wrong they live. In fact, the method of recruitment is on the same lines as that of the sect. Man gradually inspire and tell him what it was amazing, intelligent and underrated its surroundings. And he gets comfortable, he returns to again and again.

Author Published: Maxim Osipov

Publication date: 11/12/2015 12:07:24
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