Mercenaries from Kazakhstan still being recruited to fight in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine

Kazakh mercenaries are still being recruited to fight in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine despite the criminal responsibility, the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan stated on Thursday.

“The General Prosecutor of Kazakhstan informs that it is aware of the fact that a number of Kazakh citizens are participating in combat operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. At the present, the attempts to recruit more Kazakhstanis to fight in combat zones are still taking place,” said the statement.

The Prosecutor General’s Office added “there is also information about some citizens of Kazakhstan that they left the country for clashes in the south-east of Ukraine.”

The law enforcement and special state bodies have launched inquiries and criminal cases, some of which ended by court conviction.

The Prosecutor’s Office warns citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan trying to leave the country to take part in the hostilities about the criminal responsibility. “All persons without exception who take part in hostilities in foreign states are subject to prosecution under the articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.”

Kazakhstan’s Criminal Court may imprison the mercenaries to life for participation in armed conflicts under the Article 162.



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