MPRI offers settlement to the Serbs from Krajina over operation “Storm”

 American company MPRI, sued by Serbs from Krajina before the court in Chicago, accused of being an advisor of the Croatian army and helped the genocide against the Serbs in Croatia in the operation “Storm”, offered the Serbs a settlement, writes “Vecernje Novosti”.

Federal court in Chicago partially accepted the lawsuit by the Serbs from Krajina, and judge John Lee decided that MPRI should be tried under the US law for destroyed property of the Serbs from Krajina.

A hearing was held in October at which the Respondent decided to hold talks on the settlement.

Director of the Documentation and Information center “Veritas” Savo Strbac says that the settlement is a positive step for the Serbian side in the process that has been lasting from 2010.

“This is a step in the positive direction for our side, because so far they denied any responsibility and demanded dismissal of all claims, and that the Court is proclaimed as incompetent,” said Strbac.

Strbac said that the court in Chicago should appoint a mediator in the next ten days, who would in late March or early April invite both parties and subject a mediation plant.

The whole process, according to Strbac, will probably last about a year, because the mediator should become familiar with the evidence, and when it comes to the settlement, it will be delivered to both sides through the court.

“The proposition could be immediately accepted or the negotiations will continue, and perhaps neither side will accept it and then, according to legal logic, the court proceedings would continue,” said Strbac.

The trial against the MPRI was launched by a group of Serbs from the former Srpska Krajina, who were forced to leave their homes in 1995 by Croatian authorities in the operation “Storm”.

They submitted a collective complaint in the name of all 200,000 displaced Serbs from Krajina to the Federal Court in Chicago against legal successors of the MPRI agency because of counseling, training and equipping the Croatian army for the operation “Storm”.

Non-pecuniary damages were also sought in the amount of 10.4 billion US dollars.

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