News: USFOR-A implements measures to improve oversight of contracts

News: USFOR-A implements measures to improve oversight of contracts

KABUL, Afghanistan – USFOR-A announced it has recently implemented several measures to improve oversight of contracts and established processes to ensure stewardship of resources related to contracting.

In response to recommendations made in the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction “Inspection of the Justice Center in Parwan (JCIP) Court House Construction Project in RC-East, Afghanistan” report, USFOR-A has improved contracting officer representative performance and has implemented more robust contract oversight measures.

Working with the CENTCOM Joint Theater Support Contracting Command (CJTSCC), USFOR-A has reviewed and adjusted processes for handling construction projects of the size and scope of the JCIP to prevent waste of taxpayer dollars and to ensure the Afghans are provided facilities that meet their needs.

As part of these measures, we have improved our contract oversight processes. Contracting officer representatives now receive in-country refresher training within 120 days of starting their jobs, which supplements initial computer-based and classroom acquisition training prior to deployment.

CJTSCC has renewed emphasis on ensuring contracts are reviewed on a monthly basis, which has resulted in a review of 99.7 percent of all contracts in August. Finally, commanders are more directly involved in monitoring contracts, which allows contracting representatives and leadership to communicate more effectively and identify potential issues earlier.

USFOR-A remains committed to being a good steward of resources while ensuring our Afghan partners have the facilities they need to sustain achievements in security and stability for the people of Afghanistan.

We welcome the insight and recommendations of SIGAR and other outside organizations and will continue to refine our processes to ensure the appropriate allocation of resources to support its Afghan partners.

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