Private Military and Security Companies: Chances, Problems, Pitfalls and Prospects

Private Military and Security Companies

Chances, Problems, Pitfalls and Prospects

  • Editors
  • Thomas Jäger
  • Gerhard Kümmel


Front Matter

Pages 1-9


  1. History and Development
    1. Overseas Trade in Early Modernity and the Emergence of Embryonic Private Military Companies

Carlos Ortiz

Pages 11-22

    1. Does History Repeat Itself? A Comparative Analysis of Private Military Entities

Daniel Kramer

Pages 23-35

    1. The Privatization of Military Affairs: A Historical Look into the Evolution of the Private Military Industry

Kyle M. Ballard

Pages 37-53

    1. The Private Military Company: An Entity at the Center of Overlapping Spheres of Commercial Activity and Responsibility

Carlos Ortiz

Pages 55-68

    1. Soldiers of Misfortune: Is the Demise of National Armed Forces a Core Contributing Factor in the Rise of Private Security Companies?

Stephan Maninger

Pages 69-85

    1. Private Security Companies: Agents of Democracy or Simply Mercenaries?

Christopher Kinsey

Pages 87-104

  1. Case Studies
    1. Searching for Resources, Offering Security … Private Military Companies in Sierra Leone

Alice E. Fuchs

Pages 105-120

    1. Contracting in the Fog of War … Private Security Providers in Iraq: A Principal-Agent Analysis

Jan Stöber

Pages 121-134

    1. Privatization of Maritime Security in Southeast Asia

Carolin Liss

Pages 135-148

    1. No Contractors on the Battlefield: The Dutch Military’s Reluctance to Outsource

Dirk Gielink, Maarten Buitenhuis, René Moelker

Pages 149-164

    1. Privatization in the German Armed Forces

Gregor Richter

Pages 165-176

    1. The Private Security Industry in Kenya: Issues and Challenges

Kennedy Mkutu

Pages 177-201

    1. Private Security Guards as a Socio-Professional Group in Bulgaria

Yantsislav Yanakiev, Krasimira Nikolova

Pages 203-212

    1. The Civilianization of the US Military: Army and Navy Case Studies of the Effects of Civilian Integration on Military Personnel

Ryan Kelty, David R. Segal

Pages 213-239

  1. Problems and Prospects
    1. Human Rights and Private Military Companies: A Double-Edged Sword too Dangerous to Use?

Jan Grofe

Pages 241-258

    1. Liaisons Dangereuses: The Cooperation between Private Security Companies and Humanitarian Aid Agencies

Marc von Boemcken

Pages 259-272

    1. Private Security Companies and Civil-Military Cooperation

Kathrin Herbst

Pages 273-291

    1. Effective Peacekeeping and the Privatization of Security

Alrik van den Berg

Pages 293-306

    1. Norms versus Rationality: Why Democracies Use Private Military Companies in Civil Wars

Martin Binder

Pages 307-320

  1. ·

Back to the Future: Private Military Contractors and Political Theory in the Modern Democratic State

Guntram F.A. Werther

Pages 321-329

  • Legal Issues and Patterns of Regulation
  1. Private Military Companies: The New Mercenaries? — An International Law Analysis

Imke-Ilse Drews

Pages 331-343

  1. Private Security and Military Companies under the International Law of Armed Conflict

Christian Schaller

Pages 345-360

  1. The Notion of ‘Direct Participation in Hostilities’ and Its Implications on the Use of Private Contractors under International Humanitarian Law

Maurice D. Voyame

Pages 361-376

  1. Who is Responsible? The Use of PMCs in Armed Conflict and International Law

Katja Weigelt, Frank Märker

Pages 377-393

  1. Private Military Companies and Domestic Law in South Africa

Susan Buchner

Pages 395-405

  1. National Regulatory Regimes for PSMCs and their Activities: Benefits and Shortcomings

Andrea Schneiker

Pages 407-418

  1. Selling Security: Trade-Offs in State Regulation of the Private Security Industry

Deborah Avant

Pages 419-442

  1. Informal Regulation: An Economic Perspective on the Private Security Industry

Sebastian Drutschmann

Pages 443-455

  • Conclusion
  1. PSMCs: Lessons Learned and Where to Go from here

Thomas Jäger, Gerhard Kümmel

Pages 457-462

  • Back Matter

Pages 463-502


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