Private of the Russian army in the Donbas and details about the “Wagner”: what SBU said

Private of the Russian army in the Donbas and details about the “Wagner”: what SBU said

2017-10-08 18:58

Private of the Russian army in the Donbas and details about the “Wagner”: what SBU said
The intelligence services of Ukraine have not only names, but also data calls, the passport, the places of residence of Russian mercenaries.

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Saturday, 7 October, the Chairman of the security Service of Ukraine Vasily Gritsak has spent a briefingon which has told about the facts of Russian involvement in the war in the Donbass, reports Rus.Media.

So, Hrytsak said that the SBU established the involvement of Russian private military companies are so-called “Wagner” to the fighting in Ukraine and Syria. The leader of a group of mercenaries

well-known mass media Dmitry Utkin, call “Wagner”, the badge number М0209. A group of Wagner – one of the largest private military companies in Russia, said Hrytsak.

Utkin is a Russian citizen. For the first time its activity on the territory of Ukraine was recorded from 29 may 2014.

“Today, we have established 1587 people who are members of the PMC Wagner,” said Hrytsak. The total number of members in the group of Wagner”, according to the SBU, about 5,000 people. The geography of the use of these military – Ukraine, Syria. In Ukraine they were recorded in June 2014 in Lugansk, in February 2015 in debaltseve. In 2015 2017года their activities were seen in Syria (HOMS, Latakia, Aleppo, etc.). Training base of these formations is located in Krasnodar Krai of the Russian Federation – the same place where the 10th brigade of special purpose GRU General staff of the Russian Federation.

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“I want to note that this project allows Russian security services of Kremlin policy, to speak confidently in response to the international community the phrase – “they are not there”, – said Hrytsak. The head of the SBU noted that recently the world has heard of the video being captured Russian mercenaries from the PMC “Wagner” in Syria, Mikhail Tsukanov and Roman Zabolotnogo str.

What did “the Wagner group” in Ukraine? According to Hrytsak, the Russian mercenaries shot down the plane IL-76 with the Ukrainian paratroopers on Board, killing 49 soldiers, stormed the airport of Luhansk, participated in the assault on debaltseve and other settlements.

In the operations for downed aircraft and the assault on the airport was attended by 72 militants PMC “Wagner”, killed 15 of them. All the names of the installed SBU.

In the assault on debaltseve Sanzharivka participated 205 fighters, 21 of them died. In addition, 36 fighters from this group died on the demarcation line.

In addition, members of the “group of Wagner” in 2014, engaged in power support the leader of the militants “LNB” Carpenteron, liquidation of opposition leaders and militants, the reorganization of the Cossack groups.

It is noted that the SBU investigators filed indictments regarding the collapse of the Il -76. Defendants in criminal proceedings is a Carpenter and his assistants. The SBU has evidence of direct involvement in this crime fighters “of the group of Wagner,” said Hrytsak.

Photos from the presentation on the website of the SBU

“With the big share of probability I will name the names of those who likely clicked on triggers MANPADS. It Gurulev Andrei 19.05.1990 year of birth”, – said Hrytsak, noting that the named person is a citizen of Russia, Strelets anti-aircraft MANPADS calculations.

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“Another man, most likely – and I stress, we need to prove it in the framework of criminal proceedings – Lebedev Andrey Nikolaevich, 29.07.1974 year of birth”, – said Hrytsak. Lebedev is also a citizen of the Russian Federation and the senior marksman anti-aircraft MANPADS calculation.

Photos from the presentation on the website of the SBU

The SBU has a fairly large amount of information about crimes of members of the PMC “Wagner”, said the head of the intelligence services. So, the service has not only names, but also data calls, the passport, the habitats of mercenaries, etc. and the actions of each of them is given a legal assessment in the framework of criminal proceedings

It is noted that in August 2015 in Syria had recorded the activities of the “group of Wagner” in the 1,350 people in the areas of Latakia and HOMS. Says Hrytsak, it was a reinforced battalion tactical group. There they were engaged in the evacuation of personnel from combat operations, intelligence activities, communicating with the local population, etc.

In 2016, the militants group involving local combatants seized the Northern province of Syria, carried out tactical military operations.

“I want to note that of the total population PMC Wagner 95% are citizens of the Russian Federation”, – said Hrytsak. The SBU has data on about 40 Ukrainians in its composition.

Special attention the head of the security services have paid that in December 2016, Russian legislation was amended, according to which it is allowed to attract those who are not servicemen, to perform military tasks for the suppression of terrorist activities outside of Russia. Thus, such persons are considered to be performing duties of military service. “Thus with the year 26.12.2016 we consider PMC members “Wagner” the Armed forces of the Russian Federation“,- said Hrytsak.

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He added that SBU is known about the structure and armament of the “group of Wagner.”

Investigators of the security Service of Ukraine issued a notice of suspicion Utkin. According to the head of Department, Monday, October 9, the message will be forwarded to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.

19 October in Brussels held a briefing on the activities of the “group of Wagner”. In addition, Hrytsak said that the SBU intends to share information to the world community and the intelligence agencies knew the names of those who can be used to destabilize the situation in other countries.

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