Quarterly Report to Congress: After 6 Years of Public Reporting ANSF Data Now Classified

Quarterly Report to Congress: After 6 Years of Public Reporting ANSF Data Now Classified

Today, SIGAR released its 26th Quarterly Report to Congress. The report notes:

–After six years of being publicly reported, Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) data is now classified. The decision leaves SIGAR unable to publicly report on most of the $65 billion U.S.-taxpayer-funded efforts to build, train, equip, and sustain the ANSF. This includes Afghan troop numbers, salaries, training, equipment (including planes and helicopters), and infrastructure projects. (page 94)

–The over 140 SIGAR questions that received classified or otherwise restricted responses are listed starting on page 211. Sample of questions:

–Please provide a broad definition of the terms “unavailable” and “present for duty.” (page 211)

–Total amount of funding that the United States has expended on Afghan National Army food from Afghan Security Forces Fund (ASFF) for the current year. (page 211)

–How has the $25 million authorized by Congress for women in the Afghan army been used? (page 212)

–Total amount of funding that the United States has expended on Afghan National Police salaries from ASFF for the current year. (page 212)

–Please provide details of DOD/NATO-funded contracts to provide literacy training to the ANSF, including: a. the cost of the contract(s) and estimated cost(s) to complete (page 213)

–Please confirm that the Combined Joint Interagency Task Force-Afghanistan (CJIATF-A) is dissolved. (page 215)

–Please offer an assessment of the anticorruption initiatives of Afghan Ministry of Defense and Afghan Ministry of Interior (page 215)

–Memo from Resolute Support Commander regarding classification of data (page 217)

–Despite the requirement of Public Law 110-181 that federal agencies provide requested information or assistance to SIGAR, the State Department did not answer any of SIGAR’s questions on economic and social-development this quarter, and failed to respond to SIGAR’s attempts to follow up. (page 147)

–Congress has appropriated nearly $107.5 billion for Afghanistan reconstruction. Of this amount, $15.3 billion remains in the funding pipeline for potential disbursement. (page 74)

–Despite more than a decade of multilateral efforts, achieving effective coordination of assistance to Afghanistan remains an elusive goal for the United States, other donors, and the Afghan government. (page 3)

–This quarter, SIGAR investigators recovered $53.7 million for the U.S. government and saved an additional $12 million in U.S. reconstruction monies. (page ii)

–SIGAR is encouraged by the fact that the new U.S. military leadership in Afghanistan shares our concerns about the U.S. Army’s refusal to suspend or debar supporters of the insurgency from receiving government contracts. (page iii)

–Update on Afghan budget: $500 million budget shortfall; domestic revenues missed budget targets by 26%; Afghan government expenditures increased 11%; U.S. gave Afghanistan $100 million to help cover the fiscal gap. (page 72, 147)

Quarterly Report: http://www.sigar.mil/pdf/quarterlyreports/2015-01-30qr.pdf

Quarterly Report Breakdown by Section: http://www.sigar.mil/quarterlyreports/index.aspx?SSR=6

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