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CRI Counter Terrorism Training School
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It can happen in the blink of an eye.

Someone is walking casually down the street, and suddenly, he is taken from his normal life for exploitation.

“Hostile kidnappings can happen anywhere in the world,” said CRI Counter Terrorism Training School founder Doron Benbenisty. “The situation can quickly excel from captivity to execution. That’s why we’re here — to prepare students for the worst possible situation.”

CRI Counter Terrorism Training School is a vocational school that offers comprehensive instruction to military, law enforcement, Secret Service, dignitary protection, private security, civilians, professional bodyguards and federal agencies in the Israeli method of training for combat and peacekeeping situations.

The Israeli method of training offers knowledge of countering terrorism, guerrilla warfare and crime. Its sole purpose is to offer the most tactically realistic training possible.

Benbenisty’s own extensive training began with service in the Israel Defense Forces. He went on to enter the Israeli Special Forces and eventually became a counterterrorism instructor.

“We have guys who come here to train for private security jobs in Iraq, Afghanistan or places in Latin America, which are very dangerous,” Benbenisty said.

The training is an advanced, fully practical and hands-on method available to deal with the modern threats of terrorism and severe crime, he added.

“It’s set up like a real university program,” Benbenisty said. “I’d say 80 percent of it is hands-on, and 20 percent is classroom instruction. We take these programs very seriously because we know people want to pursue a career.”

The school has been in operation since 2000 as a private instructional school, earning numerous commendations and awards for its training.

Inside the facility, scuba diving gear, knife throwing boards and an indoor shooting range are available for students, depending on the program.

Programs include the advanced bodyguard/private security detail operative, counter terrorism instructor and Krav Haganah instructor, ranging from $8,300 to $9,500 and lasting up to four weeks.

Shorter programs include the anti-terrorism course for high-risk zones, which is a four-day class.

Krav Haganh is meant for people who want to open their own martial arts business. The programs are geared to teach not only skills but also to focus on business plans, including website building.

“We teach current and up-to-date tactics,” said instructor Jeffrey Scott. “We teach everyone from SWAT guys, military and law enforcement and those on classified projects.”

Scott teaches students how to build explosives, so they better understand how to diffuse them.

“A lot of women use body guards, especially in places like China where body guards are in demand,” Benbenisty said.

On a sunny day in September, students in the bodyguard class learned to stay in control after searching for explosives and deactivating bombs.

“It’s been one hell of a ride,” said Patrick, who withheld his last name because of the danger of his job. “The instructors are all eager to teach, and they even give us extra information. It’s very intense training that gets you tired fast. It’s not easy to find a school like this, and it’s not for everyone.”

“You don’t just learn about combat awareness, but about captivity training, shooting, driving — it’s the whole package,” Patrick said.

The school was recently approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to accept veteran benefits, such as the GI Bill and vocational rehabilitation.

Wilson Warner, who is in the National Guard, used his GI Bill to take his second class.

“The body guard program is intense. We survived being taken hostage, but the program requires placing trust in the instructor,” Warner said. “It puts you in an uncomfortable situation and teaches you how to survive and maintain the will to fight and live.”

Students come from all over the world and from different backgrounds including the military, U.S. Navy and Army Special Forces.

Inside the facility, Benbenisty also sells books and DVDs on tactical trainings.

Students who enroll in a program must be screened because of the dangers and knowledge of countering terrorism, guerrilla warfare and crime.

Benbenisty also does private training. In the past, he created a “brutal stimulation” of a hijacking on a plane for pilots and airline workers. He recalls a woman who started crying after the stimulation because it brought back memories of a past attack.

“She said she was cured because of our training,” Benbenisty said. “We advocate this type of training because it doesn’t just touch people lives; it saves lives.”

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