Support the PMSC Observer

Support the PMSC Observer

It’s the end of the year so it is time to appeal to your charitable instincts. I only do this once each year so please read the following. In the interest of brevity I’ll keep this short.

As I hope you know this is a one person blog. I do everything, from locating content, downloading it and uploading it to the blog. While it is not rocket science it does take time and effort.  If you don’t think that is the case I invite you to try it yourself.  The considerable amount of time I spend doing this, free of charge to you, is an opportunity cost to me, meaning I forego other important things to make this information available to you. Aside from that I also do have other expenses, such as paying someone to host the blog.

If you take a moment to check the archives you will see that you receive multiple news articles just about every day, ranging from what is in the newspapers and wire services, to academic papers, journal articles, and government and think tank reports, to name just a small sampling of content.

You will find not this kind of content, either in terms of scope or diversity, any other place.

So, if you find the information posted here on private military and security contracting issues useful please show your support. There are two ways to do so. The first, and most obvious one, is to make a financial contribution. Click on the Donation button, which will take you to PayPal and please make a donation. How much is up to you. I know times are tough but at least consider putting in the equivalent of what you might get paid for one hour of work when you are at your job, because I usually spend at least that much time each day.

But if you can’t do even that much there is another way to help. I’m trying to get back into fulltime work which, in case you’ve been living in a universe far, far away is not easy. So, if you know of or hear of job opportunities in the Washington, DC area please let me know. My expertise, broadly speaking, is defense/military/national and international security/ foreign policy type issues but that covers all sorts of ground. If you need to know more about me just write.

Thanks for the support and may you have a great 2013.

David Isenberg

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