The anti-terrorist security priority of China in Africa

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The anti-terrorist security priority of China in Africa

[26 December 2015] • François Danjou

Erik Prince, 46 former special forces officer in the US Navy and close to the CIA, the complex personality, created in 1997, at age 28 Blackwater, security contractor for the Pentagon and the Department of ‘State. The reputation of efficiency of the group, already marred by numerous cases collapsed when, September 16, 2007 in Baghdad, four of its agents traveling in a convoy attacked and thinking, have by mistake or panic, opened fire with machine guns against a crowd of unarmed civilians of whom 17 were killed.

According to the site “Intelligence on Line” and a Le Monde article of March 9, 2015, the Chinese services, increasingly concerned about the safety of their nationals in Africa, closely cooperate with Erik Prince, the founder of the private military company “Academi” (formerly Blackwater Worldwide).

Facing a major risk and beyond any commercial or logistical fabrications surrounding this rapprochement, Chinese Branch here expresses his pragmatism and does not hesitate, even in times of strong Sino-US strategic tensions, to cooperate with the Creator the famous American company, main contractor of the Pentagon, composed of mercenaries often recruited from former CIA agents whose reputation collapsed in 2007 in Baghdad.

While the page is turned. Similarly forgotten what a very bad reputation of Blackwater, highlighted by the conviction in October 2014 murders of four of his officers accused of killing 17 civilians by firing indiscriminately into a crowd disarmed September 16, 2007 in Baghdad [1].

Nevertheless, this circumstance where Beijing neglects the risks to its international reputation, expresses both the urgency of the threat, the practical realism and recognition of the expertise of Erik Prince in the field of anti-terror security , whatever they say, is gradually becoming the No. 1 concern of the leadership of the regime in the risk areas in Africa.

Former member of the special forces of the US Navy in the Emirates living after selling his company to a group of private investors in 2010, Erik Prince works among others on behalf of the group Frontier Services Group (FSG) – (logistics, aircraft maintenance , air transport) whose main shareholder is the Chinese giant CITIC public directly linked to the political leadership of the regime in Beijing.

Lawrence Zhao former lawyer of state security. (国家 安全 部)

Lawrence Zhao CEO of Frontier Service Group, funded by CITIC is a former lawyer of the Ministry of State Security. Cooperation with Erik Prince expresses unambiguous anti-terrorist security concern of the leadership of the regime.

FSG is the CEO of Lawrence Zhao, a former lawyer for the Chinese Ministry of Public Security (Guojia Anquan Bu 国家 安全 部 -in short Guo’anbu). Before taking the direction of FSG on behalf of the Chinese government – in this case the “private” fable is highly unlikely -, Zhao was also the co-founder and president of a Chinese company specializing in the assessment and risk management as well as security policies Chinese groups committed abroad.

Eventually, Erik Prince has mining interests in Africa and is already working for Crown corporations in southern Sudan and Somalia, while approaching major Chinese groups as CNOOC, is the market for logistics enterprises Chinese State and that of the PLA peacekeeping units, marking a major turning point with previous mistakes, have on South Sudan, recently offer direct infantry fighting ability.

In this perspective, the back militarily and safety Erik Prince Beijing is one of the first magnitude asset as the Politburo anticipates that domestic Chinese often working in troubled areas will be increasingly threatened by jihadist hydra International. The risks are all the more tangible than the radical Islamist movement, active in southern and western markets of China, with surgeons in Indonesia and Malaysia, Beijing accuses of abusing Muslims in Xinjiang.

Although Erik Prince says that the group’s officers are not armed and he turned the page military, security, brand protection, indispensable complement of logistics in areas at risk, is still very present. That’s what interests the Chinese government.

The former founder of Blackwater is indeed surrounded by Admiral William Fallon retired (72 years), former Commander in the Pacific and former head of Central Command, in charge of all US military operations in the world and former expert Jon Dolan electronic intelligence at Fort Gordon Georgia.

Lately it’s Frontier Service Group which is responsible for the repatriation of the remains of the three senior officials of China Railways killed November 20 in Bamako during the terrorist attack against the Radisson Blu.

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[1] No company official was not convicted at trial, but the drama fanned the vindication of public opinion in the US and around the world.

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