U.S. soldiers facing cutbacks recruited by foreign militaries

U.S. soldiers facing cutbacks recruited by foreign militaries

By Justin King

Feb 2, 2014 in World
In the midst of U.S. military cutbacks, employment opportunities in foreign military exist in nations all over the world. Nations including Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and France have open-door policies for experienced foreign soldiers.
The U.S. military has plans to cut 100,000 servicemen over the next five years; these troops may find employment in the host of nations that are actively recruiting foreign nationals with military experience. Australia advertises this activity on the Australian Defense Force’s website, making no secret of the fact it hopes the new recruits will bring their U.S. training and expertise with them.
We are looking for serving or ex-serving foreign military personnel, who can directly transfer their job and life skills to whichever Service they join, with limited training and preparation.

HMAS Wewak (L 130)

Photo by Australian Army photographer Sgt. Bob O’Donahoo
Australian soldiers and U.S. Marines hit Freshwater Beach after disembarking from an Australian Navy Landing Craft Heavy during an amphibious landing.

Australia’s program has been in operation for a number of years, and the nation pays relocation bonuses of up to $200,000 to foreign soldiers. Not all are happy with the program. War graves advocate, John Saddington said It’s an absolute disgrace, we are hiring mercenaries. New Zealand is also recruiting from the United States, specifically targeting former Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers, a practice that may result in the traveling soldier having U.S. citizenship issues. Section 349(a)(3) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act provides for a loss of citizenship if a U.S. citizen serves in the armed forces of any foreign country as a commissioned or non-commissioned officer. Russia is willing to accept foreign soldiers aged 18 to 30, as long as they speak Russian fluently. Foreigners in the Russian military are given a different oath of military service where they swear loyalty to the Russian Constitution and to unconditionally fulfill their commander’s orders. Applicants are not required to provide much documentation to enlist, and are given a Russian passport after three years of service. Since 2009, Israel has recruited over 8,000 foreign soldiers into their armed forces through what is known as the “lone-soldier program.” Over 1,600 of those originated from the United States. Though the French have a long history of employing foreigners in their military, Americans make up only approximately 1% of the famed French Foreign Legion.

Murder for hire.
File photo of ex SADF soldiers plying their trade privately through international ...

Murder for hire. File photo of ex SADF soldiers plying their trade privately through international recruitment agencies like Executive Outcomes.

The U.S. force reduction is also expected to swell the ranks of private military companies employed by nations and corporations alike with a fresh influx of experienced soldiers.

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