Afghan president assigns delegation to probe corruption allegation in ministry


Text of report by privately-owned Afghan Ariana TV on 13 July

[Presenter] President Ghani has assigned a delegation to probe alleged reports over existence of corruption in the ministry of education. The president has ordered the delegation to investigate all the claims against the ministry of existence of widespread corruption. Some members of parliament have hailed the move by the president, however, they are not sure if the order will be fully put in to practice. Rafi Sediqi with more details:

[Correspondent] Following the recent report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction [SIGAR] over widespread corruption in the ministry of education in the past, the president has assigned a delegation to launch comprehensive investigation into the case and report the results to the president’s office. Members of the delegation include: MPs Abdol Khaliq Balakarzai, Abdol Qadir Qalatwal, Humaira Ayubi and Mohammad Wali Alizai; Senator Mohammad Hanif Hanifi, civil society members Attaullah Wisa, Mohammad Salim and representatives from the Attorney General’s Office.

Some members of parliament have hailed the move by the president but at the same time they are concerned over fulfilment of the president’s order.

[Head of the Complaints Committee of Senate Zalmay Zaboli, captioned] It is a good move. However, the problem is with assigning the work to the commissions rather than the relevant government bodies. There are some government bodies that should monitor the process and investigate these cases. However, in the past 13 years as well as in the current corrupt government, they only form some commissions and when they get the results, they do not put it into practice in terms of prosecution of the corrupt officials.

[Raihana Azad, MP from Urozgan Province, captioned] Formation of such commissions gives hope to the people about government’s determination to deal with corruption cases. Those who committed a crime and were involved in corruption should be prosecuted in a transparent manner.

[Correspondent] Earlier the president issued similar orders on dealing with corruption issues including one on the issue of Kabul Bank but the problem of Kabul Bank has not been solved yet. One should wait and see how and to what extent the president’s order will be put into practice. The former minister of education, Faruq Wardag has rejected the report by SIGAR on existence of corruption during his tenure as the minister of education.

Source: Ariana TV, Kabul, in Dari 1530 gmt 13 Jul 15

The British Broadcasting Corporation

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