Britam False Flag Hacking Revelations – True or False?

Britam False Flag Hacking Revelations – True or False?

On the 30th January a story was published in the Daily Mail that referred to a hack that seemingly showed Britam  (A British private security firm) leaders considering taking money to carry out a false flag chemical attack paid by the Qatar government, given the go ahead by the US government in order to blame the Syrian Government. The articles source, Info Wars, their source, Cyber Wars. All the news outlets are regarded with suspicion by some and revered by others. The article was only online for a day before getting pulled.

From December 2012 onwards the governments of the US, UK and Israel were all talking up the possibility of a WMD attack led by the Syrian Government. They were reminiscent of the false allegations that had been made before the Iraq war. Thanks to the brave actions of a whistle blower we know the justification that led to war had unleashed violence directly wiping out the lives of  64000 Iraqi civilians; men, women and children. This of course is only the recorded deaths due to direct conflict. It stands to reason the true numbers of lives claimed is much higher. The subsequent refugees created without access to clean drinking water or health provision for example are not included in those figures. Then there are the peoples bodies that were completely incinerated by the explosions of “Shock and Awe” that were never counted because there was nothing to be found.

This time round the Foreign Secretary of the UK Government claimed they had evidence of the Syrian Governments intention to use chemical weapons but produced none. Obama too began to issue warnings and talk up the possibility of invasion. Yet no evidence was produced.

Then this.

Below is the email contents  Britam are alleging is a fake

Between Director David Goulding and the company’s founder Philip Doughty;


We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.

We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have. They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.

Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

Kind regards

We attempted through our own sources to get the emails verified. A reliable source said “Because of the nature of the emails they are probably real. No absolute confirmation.”


Britam Statement for any media inquiries:

“Britam can confirm it was the target of a deliberate cyber attack and has been working with leading forensic IT experts to investigate every aspect of the issue.  They have already established that an email claiming to relate to Syria by executives of the company has been deliberately falsified, amongst other materials, and the entire matter has been reported to the police.”

SL 30.01.13


These are the questions I asked the Police. They responded right away.

Dear Press Bureau

We are currently doing a follow up article regarding the Britam hacking, false flag attacks and the subsequent allegation of the made up email.

How is the investigation going?

What are the potential repercussions for a person who falsifies a document and releases it to the mainstream media?

In terms of proportionality, or extent of harm, which do you consider to be priority, an act of misrepresentation of truth/lies that leads to civilian deaths or defamation of a corporation?

For the record, if the police were to find that a private firm were involved in the early stage of planning a false flag attack, or had falsified data to lead to acts of war, what laws would be invoked? What repercussions would there be for the people who were in the process of organizing such a thing?

How far up the chain of command would an order have to go to initiate the detention of accused people?

These are the correspondence from the police

Can confirm an investigation has been launched after an allegation of computer misuse was reported to police. Inquiries are ongoing.

= When was the allegation made? 24 January= Not prepared to speculate re possible suspects
We can’t comment on many of your other points, but call the Press Bureau on  020 7230 2171  if you wish to discuss.
When asked to expand on the questions asked.
The investigation will establish if any laws have been broken so we’ll need to await the outcome of that investigation.The allegation is of computer misuse so the investigation will need to see if a crime has been committed within that area.


Here are the questions I asked the MoD. It has been a week now and so far no correspondence has been received.

We are writing an article, looking at false flag attacks and their use in the theatre of war as a tactic. This is following the hacking of Britams emails and the subsequent accusation of falsified emails that is now under investigation.

Has the MoD been involved in or subcontracted to another group or corporation to carry out activity that would be classed as a false flag operations? Who were they?

Tactically, what are the benefits of such an operation?

Are there any known cases to you where false flag missions have taken place? What were they? And when did they occur?

Has the MoD subcontracted to the private firm Britam in the last twelve years (the question should of stated ten years)? If yes where were its operations located and what were its objectives or goals?

Would you be able to point to examples where falsified emails have been made and been reported as true in the main stream media?

What evidence does the government possess to suggest the current Syrian government will use Chemical Weapons?

What are the financial and material benefits the UK government hope to achieve by aiding opposition forces and or committing UK forces/Private firms to conflict in that region?

Could you explain how the Syrian regime is a threat to UK security?


Regarding the hacking of Britam and the emails in question the truth is unknown at this moment. The Security Contractors would be a bit rubbish at secret missions if they admitted to taking part in them. On the other hand it is plausible and a victimless tactic to falsify a correspondence to prevent imminent attack and discredit the rational for NATO officially committing to war. I am forced into a position of reserving my judgement on this matter, but find myself grateful for such an occurrence.

The fact that it is not beyond our imagination that lies and false flag tactics may be utilised to carry the flame of war speaks volumes,  whether this case true or not. Regardless the NATO gang are determined to continue their presence in the Middle East, despite the fact the culprit for the original motive that supposedly justified the industrial scale violence in 2001 is dead.

The broken trust and suspicion of government held by many has been well earned on a number of fronts. Against our will the people of this nation have been forced to incur the debt of activities that have caused and will continue to cause so much devastation to people in the Middle East and North Africa.

I think of some of the former soldiers I have spoken to and the stories they have shared. I think of the Civilians that have had to live through such violent times powerless to do anything about it. I think of the decision makers in their ivory towers, free of criminal prosecution; they have enabled, aided and abetted the slaughter of countless individuals. This seems to be a truth of many Governments. Fascist or supposedly democratic. Peace but an inconvenience to the goal of resource domination. Their ego fluffed by all the people who profit from these actions and their conscience silenced by the prospects of climbing the career ladder. Untouchable almost. Their legacy, more of the same.

to be continued…..

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