Hrytsak: Over 500 Russian mercenaries who fought in Donbas currently participate in hostilities in Syria By Interfax-Ukraine.

Security Service of Ukraine Head Vasyl Hrytsak has reported more than half a thousand Russian mercenaries who took part in operations in Donbas are currently fighting in Syria.

“According to the SBU intelligence, more than 500 Russian citizens who were involved in the operations in Donbas now fight in Syria as mercenaries. Most of them are part of official military units from the special purpose units, airborne troops and marines, as well as special operations forces… I should note I am talking not about the official Russian military contingent in Syria, but about mercenaries of the Russian Ministry of Defense… Of these, 124 people have already died,” the SBU chief said.

Hrytsak also made public the data of the Security Service, according to…

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