In Russia may appear private military companies

In Russia may appear private military companies

In 2017 DOSAAF of Russia celebrates its 90th anniversary. On the eve of the Chairman of society Alexander Kolmakov has summed up the year and told about that, what innovations expect DOSAAF in the short term. In particular, there are plans on creation on the basis of private demining companies and even private military companies.


Alexander Kolmakov speaking Wednesday at a press conference, said that now DOSAAF has 81 regional office, including more than 3 thousand local chapters, and the structure of the company includes more than 1,300 educational and sports organizations. With young boys of pre-conscription age are more than 400 military-Patriotic museums, rooms, and corners of the DOSAAF Rossii, 165 search groups, more than 2.5 thousand sports clubs, sections and circles.

Having such a strong base, DOSAAF able to prepare every year up to 80 thousand professionals. “In the previous year there were more than 32 thousand recruits in accordance with the state order of the Ministry of defense of Russia. Feature of 2016 was the preparation of the arrow-paratroopers for airborne. This year we plan to conduct the training for the signal corps”, – shared his plans Kolmakov.

According to the head of DOSAAF, will be implemented projects that have become the hallmark of the society: this military tactical game “dawn”, which this year will gather more than 5 thousand people from different countries, the forum of young technolider defense industry of Russia “Technogarden” and engineering-Patriotic school “Technospaces”.

Kolmakov also told about another interesting innovation on the basis of the DOSSAF will be created private sapper company. “Together with the Russian Union of engineers we complete the creation of the first engineering companies for the training of sappers from the army reserve, including specialists for underwater mine water”, – said Kolmakov, noting that the decision on creation of such company was proposed by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“During one of the meetings the Minister of defence drew attention to the fact that often the task of clearing territories from mines and shells in areas of military conflicts is performed by private engineering companies. In this regard, he proposed to consider whether the defence organisation to take responsibility for the creation of such a company for special tasks,” said Kolmakov. He noted that the company for some time will run a pilot to test the use of private deminers during demining of ammunition of various kinds.

“To carry out mine clearance in areas of military conflict, we will, of course, on the recommendation of the military establishment of the country”, – said Kolmakov.

Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Viktor Vodolatsky, who also attended the press conference, suggested that on the basis of the companies can also create private military companies. In his opinion, it is necessary to adopt a Federal law regulating the activities of DOSAAF, and in the framework of this law it is possible to consider the establishment of a PMC.

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