Media: another Russian was killed in Syria

Media: another Russian was killed in Syria

СМИ: еще один россиянин погиб в Сирии

It became known about the death of one Russian citizen who fought in Syria. A resident of Orenburg Alexander Yagofarov died, according to relatives, August 11, when the car in which he was in was blown up by a mine, according to the portal

As writes the local site the body of ORENBURGA brought home on Saturday, August 26 and before he was buried. Posthumously to the deceased has several state awards, the magazine writes, without specifying details.

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The panel notes that the investigative Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT), information about the death of 31-year-old Alexander Name is confirmed by the comments under his profile picture in a social network “Vkontakte”.

CIT experts suggest that a large time span between the date of the death of Alexander and his funeral, and the absence of profile photos, in any way indicate service in the Russian army, suggests that he was one of the mercenaries “of private military companies (PMCs) of Wagner”, which, according to media reports, participate in military operations in Syria.

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According, Yagofarov repeatedly went to the “hot spots” and travel to Syria, according to ORENBURGA, was to be his last business trip. Then he planned to retire. Alexander warned relatives that he would return home in late August.

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