Report on $104 Billion U.S. Reconstruction Effort in Afghanistan

Report on $104 Billion U.S. Reconstruction Effort in Afghanistan

Today, SIGAR released its July 2014 Quarterly Report to Congress.

The report highlights, among many things:

–Total appropriations for Afghanistan reconstruction are about $104.1 billion, with $5.8 billion requested for 2015. About $16 billion, of the money already appropriated, has yet to be spent. (page 70)

–The sustainability of the reconstruction effort, and the key issue of Afghan governments revenues compared to the cost of the government.  The U.S. and donors fund more than 60% of the Afghan national budget. (page 3)

–Less than 20% of Afghanistan is expected to be accessible to civilian U.S. oversight personnel by December 2014, a 50% decrease since 2009. (page 19)

–The 30 reports issued this quarter examined programs & projects worth about $18.2 billion.  Most uncovered poor planning, shoddy construction, mechanical failures, and inadequate oversight. (page ii)

–The Army’s refusal to suspend or debar supporters of the insurgency from receiving government contracts. (page iii)

–U.S. has spent $7.6 billion on counternarcotics efforts. The UN notes that for the third consecutive year, Afghanistan, saw an increase in opium cultivation. According to DOD, the drawdown has hurt the Afghan counternarcotics agencies. (page 112)

–Transition of Afghan Public Protection Force responsibilities leaves project security uncertain. (page 90)

–Women in the Afghan security forces. (page 105 & 110)

–SIGAR concerns with Afghanistan education statistics. (page 181)

–SIGAR concerns with Afghanistan health statistics. (page 183)


Report by Section:

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