Warning: Rant and person opinion ahead.

Warning: Rant and person opinion ahead.

I wrote a book called “Licensed to Kill, Hired Guns in the War on Terror”. In it I profile a number of mercenary and security firms. I explore where these firms might lead us astray and where they might benefit us. One of those companies was Blackwater created and owned entirely by Erik Prince.

I spent a lot of time inside Erik Prince’s organizations and have unique access to signifiant amounts of evidence, testimony, eyewitness accounts information and documents that insider’s, former employees, journalists, investigators and intelligence groups feed me.

To sum it up. It’s quite disturbing. Disturbing enough and commonly available enough to ask why more investigative journalists are not challenging Prince’s access to the White House and not intelligently and factually challenging this latest con. “How to fix Afghanistan”.

First and foremost and in my opinion and based on reviewing documents, Prince in his private communications is above all an angry narcissist, frustrated sociopath, covert aggressive punisher and serial scandalmonger. Accordingly he has secretly worked with propagandists, filmmakers, hackers, spammers, bloggers, journalists and most recently a blatantly obvious psyops group that includes the Moving Picture Institute (who did Prince’s “The Project”), Cambridge Analytica, Citizens United, GAI, Breitbart etc. to spread disinformation and anger based on fiction, measure it, bot it and measure it again. Most of this was directed against Hillary Clinton. Someone I also criticize openly.

To be upfront, I don’t mind partisan media because at least it is clearly partisan but there are certain journalists who do not reveal their connections to Prince when reporting in regular media. AKA Shills who are hired to spread lies and rumors who then link to each other’s articles to pretend there is fact where there is actually ill spirited intention.

Prince works very closely with Steve Bannon. A propagandist who is now inside the White House shaping strategy. A Raspution or Trotsky of Trumpism if you will. Keep in mind Bannon’s goal is to destroy any faith or legitimacy in traditional media and the political process by what ever means necessary. That’s fine until you are the target of the Soviet machine.

Many of Prince’s cohorts are fringe players. Disgruntled people burned under the Obama administration or people who have been fired from the Agency or kicked out of govt contracts. They cluster in bitter Reaganite pods hatching plots but never daring to simply show themselves and debate openly.

From a personal point of view, Erik Prince should not be part of any honest, intelligent conversation on anything related to tax dollars and transparency. After all he is a Libertarian why does he have to live off tax dollars under the false pretense of “saving us money”.

Based on the published evidence it appears he is a liar, perjurer and practiced deceiver.

We know he cheated on his first wife while she was dying of cancer, cheated on his second wife (the nanny he knocked up) only to cheat on her with the nanny’s friend and the wife of his chief legal council.

He bailed out of naval aviator school and then bailed out of the SEALs. He was not allowed to join the CIA because he lied on his polygraph, then bailed on his own employees when four of them were murdered in Fallajuh. He sued the families, and he ostracized the employees who he charged with running his business in Iraq. He even bailed on his own companies and projects, leaving people high and dry from Somalia to DC to Abu Dhabi. There are plenty of angry former Prince employees, just as their are many fans of Prince who like his style. But his entire contractor business model was based on attracting talented people who had millions of tax dollars invested in their training then renting and discarding them after skimming the profit. Many people I know are thankful for the money they made contracting but it is a cruel empty career when the phone stops ringing.

The only reason that Prince is not a federal inmate because he knows how to hire lawyers, lobbyists and do back room deals. It is clear that he has been treated unfairly due to his partisan politics and wealth and at the core of his motivation is a kid who nobody listened to trying to emulate his father. Those govt and law enforcement insiders were simply trying shut illegal and immoral activity down.

He finally got caught breaking U.S. federal laws and weaseled out of it with a $42 million payoff (I won’t say bribe because it was legal), got caught again and paid another 7 million. He bribed Iraqis after Nisour to dodge the another bullet and betrayed his own U.S. employees by dabbing in illegalities and burned them too. It’s interesting to read emails hacked by the Qatari’s. Even his former associates and employees are concerned that Prince is about to burn his people again by violating international laws.

Prince is fixated on spreading false news using a cluster of journos (who hopefully will be exposed at some point by other journos) and insiders. Oddly no cabal of opposing journalists have dared look into Prince’s false claim to patriotism.

He bailed on his own country and fled to Abu Dhabi and tried to dump his U.S. passport to get an Austrian one. When they refused him he desperately started looking elsewhere to avoid going to prison.

Prince is no friend or supporter of America in my opinion, he has hidden his money in Gibraltar, the Caribbean and uses Israeli and Chinese cutouts to hide his business activities. He smugly maintains that he has no connection to illegal businesses and projects that he now takes credit for in interviews. There is not much depth to Prince’s deception just consistency.

His current support of dictators and Communist regimes is impressive and his need to drain our government funds and pretend do be a Libertarian…all while begging to suck the taxpayer titty is even more impressive. Now he wants a Viceroy and to be hired to train sepoys to kill on our behalf in foriegn countries.

The feds thought they finally had him on federal weapons charges. But he managed to dodge that bullet (of which he was clearly guilty since he owned the guns as the sole owner of the Blackwater gift shops). After a agreement not to pursue Prime, his graymail book was vetted by the CIA, DoD and State. He then returned to this country with great flourish (he never really left it was…..disinformation) to spread mean spirited fibs in lock step with the Mercers and Bannon.

We forget that his original unpublishable autobiography was penned by a professor of Propaganda and was a collection of news stories aka plagiarism stolen from Joby Warrick and other writers. Erik never has been “in the shit” and relies on the misfortunes of his dead and wounded employees, er contractors, to puff himself up.

I finally bailed on his book project when it was clear Prince wanted to self publish an unvetted screed and maintain falsehoods in his book. A book that I negotiating a million dollar publishing deal to prevent him from going to prison and on the understanding that it would be fact checked vigorously). His thankyou to me was to sue me, screw the agent and file a BS case in the rocket docket only to then beg the judge to drop the case before it went to trial. He then pocketed the deal I got him with Adrian Zackheim and never paid the bill for getting his book published. Thanks Erik. You just proved in public court documents that you will lie, steal and cheat friends ….because you can.

So now that he is back has he changed his ways?

He recently burned his own U.S. employees in the UAE Malta and Africa, has been or is currently “allegedly” under investigation for money laundering and violating arms embargo in two countries. But that does not stop him from using monkey numbers to try to convince us to do something we are already doing in Afghanistan better and without him.

Every business he has started except for his aviation business has been a failure. They begin with great borrowed ideas and after two to four years begin to slowly tip sideways and then crash. The high profile ones he dumped have been backhanded and “sold” to hide their failure using brokers that are old friends, employee buyouts and secret deals to avoid responsibility. Nothing very successful here.

His numbers and statements are demonstrably false and self serving but few if any of the media seem to want to point out exactly (with numbers, source documents etc) why the idea of even thinking of hiring people like Erik Prince is just another disaster waiting to happen. You can’t even take Prince’s responses seriously. He has perjured himself numerous times under oath in court documents, confident he can pay of the accuser or hire people to defame them or that the media won’t do their homework.

I could go on but the point is: do not ever compare Prince’s “opinions” and advice with those of seasoned military men like Mattis (who had to go into Fallujah because of Erik’s screw up) or other commanders who maintain a measurable history of experience, ethics and battle field experience.

Yes contractors are a critical component of warfare, Yes, training enhances partner nations and yes your toilet, pancake or lube job does not need to be done by a soldier.

But remember contracting companies have zero skin in the game other than profit. When things get hot they can bail just like Erik did and has done consistently. Contractors like Prince can lie, hire PR companies, rename, reformulate, go bankrupt or even flee the country if they screw up all while pocketing your tax dollars by skimming the training Uncle Sam wastes via early or civilian retirement.

This should be the hard lesson learned about privateers vs soldiers. There are plenty of talented people who can whip together a logo, website and business card to rent back our well trained servicemen. That person should not be Erik Prince.

End of Rant. You may resume clicking on kitten photos.

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